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What Kind of Company
is Nisso Shoji?

As a specialized trading company

Nisso Shoji is engaged in chemistry to support the rich world, advanced technology to create the future, It is a specialized trading company that has been exploring new value, proposing to customers, setting the living environment full of greenery.

Why is Nisso Shoji chosen?

Expansion of business areas

We started our business with inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, petrochemicals and non-ferrous metals to expand our business areas along with the development of domestic industries.

Introduction of business domains

To contribute to the future

We launched into internationalizing business fields and have been developing our business, utilizing our capabilities such as sales and production outsourcing of high function commercial materials, fine chemicals and environment-friendly products.

Business expansion


Amid our continuous long-standing transactions with customers, we have built a wide range of sales networks backed by trust through our headquarters and domestic and overseas outposts.

Overseas business expansion
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