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Overseas business expansion

Promotes business expansion mainly in growing Asian countries and India

We are making efforts to strengthen import businesses such as specialty chemicals and livestock-related products by promoting cooperation of each domestic base in Japan and overseas bases. We are furthermore expanding exports by energizing our activities mainly for key regions, India and South-East Asian countries.

Transactions with 30 countries or more worldwide

We are doing business with 30 countries or more worldwide including mainly Asian countries, western countries, India and Middle East countries every year. We also rapidly develop individual regional strategies suited to the markets as "a professional in the region", establishing relationships with site partners in each country.

Our overseas transactions account for 30% or more of overall sales

Year by year, we are expanding overseas business that accounts for 30% or more of our overall sales. We are also expanding our import business, proactively proposing overseas high functional products to domestic customers in Japan in addition to exports to each area across the world.

Proactive business development for the Asian countries and India

Our overseas bases, Nisso Shoji (Taiwan) and Nisso Shoji (Shanghai), have long-standing business experience, and are developing excellent business partners and expanding on site businesses as a pivotal point for delivering regional information. We are also promoting overseas business development mainly in South-East Asian countries and India with the highest future growth potential.

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