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Urethane raw materials

Other specialty isocyanates

We provide export sales of raw materials of urethane resins for auxiliary springs for automobiles and seal gaskets for construction machines, urethane resins for thermal insulation materials for electric refrigerators and insulating panels, shoe soles, synthetic leather, TPU, elastic fiber and coatings, and raw materials of urethane resins for buffers respectively used for automobile seats or mattresses, furniture, and bed accessories such as pillows for North America, Europe, China, ASEAN countries, and Africa, and also execute procurement and sales for Far East Asian countries, and export to third countries.

Product list

TODI (o-tolidine diisocyanate)
Pure MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate)
Crude MDI (polymethylene polyphenylene polyisocyanate)
TDI (tolylene diisocyanate)
Other Uretomine modified isocyanates, Specialty isocyanates

PPG PEP POP PCD Plant-derived polyol

We also handle polyols for urethane resins for sealants, synthetic leather, adhesives, elastomers, and elastic fiber for non-foam products other than those for foam products. In addition, we also sell environment-friendly plant-derived polyols.

Product list

PPG (Polypropylene glycol)
PEP (Polyester polyols)
POP (Polymer polyols)
PCD (Polycarbonate diol)
Other Specialty polyols


  • Curing agent
  • Aromatic polyamine (MDA)
  • Flame retardants
  • Derivatives
  • Prepolymer (For thermoplastic elastomer)
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