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CSR initiatives

Introducing the efforts on CSR of Nisso Shoji Co., Ltd.

Promotion Proclamation of CSR Activities

Nisso Shoji Co., Ltd., as a member of the Nippon Soda group, promotes our CSR and each employee acts with awareness and responsibility based on "Seven Social Responsibilities" including taking account of the global environment and fair and transparent business operations based on the compliance that are being practiced, with the aim of being a corporation that is trusted even more by society.

"Seven Social Responsibilities"

  1. Accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Ethical behavior
  4. Respect for stakeholders' interests
  5. Respect for the rule of law
  6. Respect for the international code of conduct
  7. Respect for human rights Examples of application are added here.

April 1st 2014

Efforts for the environment


Nisso Shoji Co., Ltd. recognizes that conservation of the global environment is an issue common to all humankind, and pledges to become a company that possesses an active environmental awareness through corporate activities that are based on the "Nisso Group Action Guidelines".


Based on our position as a trading company that provides various products to society such as chemicals, synthetic resins, machinery, construction materials and nonferrous metals, Nisso Shoji is maintaining our environmental philosophy, and is striving for continuous improvements and prevention of pollution.

(1) Observance of laws and regulations
We will observe related laws, regulations, government directives and other requirements to which Nisso Shoji agrees.
(2) External environmental activities
We will specify products for environmental conservation, and actively provide settings for goals and objects as well as related information.
(3) Internal environmental activities
We will make efforts to reduce environmental burdens through daily activities, such as energy conservation, resource saving and cutting back on waste.
(4) Thorough disclosure concerning guidelines
We will continuously implement in-company training for all Nisso Shoji employees, and strive to improve the environmental awareness of each employee.

We also will fully disclose our environmental policy internally and outside the Company.

April 1, 2017

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