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Corrosion-resistant FRP products

FRP stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastics. It refers to molded products into which such reinforcing agents (plastic and glass fiber, etc.) are integrated. NISSO SHOJI manufactures FRP with primary focus on industrial products that require corrosion-resistance.


(1) Corrosion-resistance Made with highly anti-corrosive vinyl ester resin, FRP can withstand strong acids, strong alkalis, and high temperatures. Thus, FRP can be used in extremely harsh conditions, not only in containers for industrial chemicals but also in reaction vessels, etc.
(2) Mechanical strength Bend strength 1.4×108 to 2.9×108 MP (15-30 kg/mm)
Tensile strength 8.8×107 to 3.4×108 MP (9-35 kg/mm)
(3) Workability FRP can be used in complicated figurations (die forming, patching, etc.). Accessories and parts can be freely attached and coloring is possible. In the case of large items or items whose installation is difficult because of a small carry-in entrance, it is possible to manufacture the product in pieces and to assemble it onsite. Furthermore, FRP may be used as anti-corrosive lining (anti-corrosive coating) for SS, SUS, concrete, etc.
(4) Lightweight Because FRP's specific gravity is 1/4 or 1/5 that of iron, products made with it are lighter than those made of steel, which makes them easy to handle.

Examples of application

Chemical storage tanks, reaction vessels, neutralization tanks, pickling tanks, scrubbers, deodorization towers, cooling towers, ducts, smokestacks, purified water tanks, pipes, connections, nozzles, etc

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