Biocides are agents that protect industrial products from microbial contamination (antiseptic agent, fungicide, algae-proofing agent, antibacterial agent and repellent). The products are based on microbial culture and evaluation technologies that have been cultivated over many years and are applicable to various industrial products (coating, emulsion, latex, plastic, metal processing oil, paper pulp, wood, construction material, fiber, etc.). Biocides manufactured by Nippon Soda are based on its extensive experience, respond to the needs of various users, provide a wide range of chemical application and correspond to the improvement of the performance. Biocides are not standardized products but are designed according to the user's development plan. That is the belief of Nisso Biocides.

产品名称 分類
生物杀灭剂 18kg/can,20kg/can


  • 生物杀灭剂


产品名称 用途 代表人数
Bestcide Antiseptic agent Bestcide 750, Bestcide 500
Biocut Fungicide, algae-proofing agent, antibacterial agent Biocut BM30, Biocut AF40
Millcut Fungicide for wood Millcut 180
Bestac Repellent for raw timber Bestac M
Nissocoat Septic termite repellent coating for wood Nissocoat


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