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Introduction of products

We have developed our business domains over our 70-year history with a wide range of domestic and overseas business partners,
developing our businesses in chemical products, functional products, synthetic resins, industrial equipment, construction-related products and non-ferrous metals.
We comprehend our customers' needs in a diversified manner and offer comprehensive product proposals by experts in each domain.

Chemical products

We have expanded our business domains to specialty chemicals area with basic chemicals as a foundation, and handle a lot of functional chemicals such as organic synthetic chemicals and petrochemical products supplied by domestic and overseas vendors.

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Functional products

We propose comfortable living environments with the themes of environment, hygiene and life. We handle environment-friendly refrigeration and air-conditioning indirect coolants, environmental hygiene products such as water treatment and epidemic prevention, and livestock products centered on feed additives.

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Synthetic resins

From a system mainly for raw materials, we established an integrated sales system mainly from raw materials to mold processing and molded products to correspond to diversified user needs from general resins to super engineering plastics of domestic and overseas manufacturers.

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Industrial equipment

We propose products that meet customer needs in a wide variety of domains from machinery and FRP products, which are essential to product manufacturing or plant facilities, to environment-friendly products and high value added products.

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Construction-related products

We provide high quality products such as civil engineering and construction materials or auxiliary materials with meticulous service, with a focus on water-proof products for construction and heat insulation-related products.

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Non-ferrous metals

We handle zinc alloys and aluminum specialized alloys for die-casting.

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