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Floor coating materials

We handle a wide range of floor coating materials for construction.


Jolyace is a synthetic resin coated flooring that creates the optimum floor space for any type of facility. Epoxy, urethane, acrylic, MMA, vinyl ester resins, etc. are available so that the user can freely select a floor coating with superior durability, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, one with chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, etc. or one with antistatic effect according to conditions required.

  • Jolyace

AICA PUR・Fabrica

AICA PUR is PUR resin flooring (specially modified urethane flooring) that is highly required for plant flooring. An epoxy resin is excellent in physical properties (chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and others) and a urethane resin is excellent in elasticity. AICA PUR・Fabrica is new coated flooring that has epoxy properties with urethane's extensibility added. The product's extensibility also provides complete conformability to a crack, strong resistance to chemicals such as organic acids or disinfection liquid, and excellent durability.

  • AICA PUR・Fabrica

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