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Business expansion

Aspiring to be a competent trading company that can contribute to the future

Amid the four-year mid-term business plan in progress since fiscal 2016, we aim to evolve into a competent trading company, enabling sustainable growth by strategic and intensive efforts on "growing strategic domains" that we decided, where future prospects, added value and developmental strength may be expected.

"Growing strategic domains"
= Future prospects × added value × developmental strength

Selecting the three domains, "pharmacy and healthcare", "plant solutions" and "life innovation", we will promote business development concentrating the management of both human and material resources for each domain to establish those domains as our core businesses.

Growing strategic domains

  • Pharmacy
    and healthcare

    Excellent suppliers development and horizontal expansion in a big market with the theme of health promotion

    Pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and their source materials
    Fine chemicals and additives
    Amino acids and overseas commission and consignment

  • Plant solutions

    Pursuit of customer needs and peripheral business development with the theme of technical innovation

    Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    Plant equipment, adhesives
    Electronics materials, machining oil and electric power

  • Life innovation

    Utilization of product proposals and sales channels by internal collaboration with the theme of improvement of living

    Cold/heat medium, livestock-related materials
    Water treatment agent, sanitary products
    Heat insulator and products for exhaust gas

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