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Company overview and history

Company overview

Company name NISSO SHOJI CO., LTD.
Founded December 6, 1939
Main businesses Export, import and domestic sale of;
- Chemicals - Ingorganic & organic
- Polyurethanes
- Pigments
- Color formers and developpers
- Feed additives
- Eco-chemicals
- Brines(Cooling & heating media)
- Archtectural Materials(Construction, Waterproofing & insulating materials)
- Synthetic resins & Machinery
- Advance Materials & Machinery(IT & Anti corrosive FRP field)
- Semiconductors
Capital 401,165,000 yen
Sales turnover 50.4 billion yen (Fiscal year ended March 2023)
Major stockholders NIPPON SODA CO., LTD., Sanwa Soko Co., Ltd., Nisso Engineering Co., Ltd.,
Nisso Fine Co., Ltd.
Board of Directors
Kiyotaka Machii (President) Supervising - Oversea Business Promotion Department
Osamu Abe (Managing Director) General Manager of Strategy Planning Division and Chief of Personnel Department
Masahito Yamamoto (Director) General Manager of Administrative and Chief of Security Trade Control Department
Daisuke Fujita (Director) General Manager of Chemicals Division
Mitsuru Higuchi (Director) General Manager of Functional Items Division and General Manager of Osaka Branch
Makoto Kato (Director) (NIPPON SODA CO.,LTD.)
Kazuo Tajima (Standing Auditor)
Tamotsu Tanimura (Auditor) (NIPPON SODA CO.,LTD.)
Number of employees 150 (As of March, 2023)
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Nihonbashi Branch) MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Nihonbashi Center Branch)


From the 1930s to the 1950s

1939 Founded as chemicals trading subsidiary of NIPPON SODA CO., LTD., with capital of 150,000 yen
1945 Opened Osaka Sales Office
1950 Increased capital to 5 million yen
1952 Increased capital to 20 million yen
1953 Opened Nagoya Liaison office
1957 Increased capital to 40 million yen
1959 Renamed Nagoya Suboffice as Nagoya Sales Office

From the 1960s to the 1970s

1964 Renamed Osaka Sales Office and Nagoya Sales Office as Osaka Branch Office and Nagoya Branch Office
1966 Organized foreign Trade Division for overseas trade business
1967 Opened Sendai Liaison Office and Hiroshima Liaison Office
1968 Renamed Sendai Liaison Office and Hiroshima Liaison Office as Sendai Sales Office and Hiroshima Sales Office
1969 Increased capital to 100 million yen
1974 Opened Fukuoka Suboffice
1979 Renamed Fukuoka Suboffice as Fukuoka Sales Office

From the 1980s to the 1990s

1980 Increased capital to 150 million yen
1982 Opened Sapporo Suboffice Established domestic subsidiary, BAIRON CO., LTD.
1983 Opened Takaoka Suboffice
1984 Increased capital to 300 million yen
1986 Established domestic subsidiary, Sani Mente Co., Ltd.
1987 Established Taiwan Liaison Office
1991 Established Nisso Shoji (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
1992 Established Cosmo Polyurethane (HK) Co., Ltd., as the Joint Venture company in Hong Kong with Mitui Chemicals Corp. and Seven Sea Chemicals (Holdings)
1994 Opened Hong Kong Liaison Office
1995 Opened New York Liaison Office Increased capital to 401,165,000 yen

From 2000

2002 Opened Shanghai Liaison Office
2004 Established Nisso Shoji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2007 Established Nisso Shoji (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
2008 Opened Europe Liaison Office
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