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Nisso Shoji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Nisso Shoji (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Location Room 5, 3RD Floor, Metro Plaza, No.555, Loushanguan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China
TEL +86-21-5887-5067
FAX +86-21-5887-5065
Established March 16th 2004
Businesses Export/import of chemicals, non-ferrous metals, industrial machines and environment-related products and domestic sales in China.


Main products and transactions

Export (for Japan) Chemicals (inorganic and organic chemicals, pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and raw materials and others), petroleum coke
Import Chemicals, zinc alloy, industrial machinery, feed additives, microbial preparation for effluent treatment
Domestic Chemicals, secondary coolant, antifreezing fluid, synthetic resin-related products, injection molding machines
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