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Pharmaceutical additives,
SSF (Sodium stearyl fumarate)

Sodium stearyl fumarate is produced by domestic manufacturers. It is characterized by having less incompatibility with API, compared with magnesium stearate, a similar lubricant.

Chemical name CAS NO Packing Stock sale
SSF (Sodium Stearyl Fumarate) 4070-80-8 20kg drum

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  • SSF (Sodium Stearyl Fumarate)

Product specification

Test items Specification
Identification Crystalline white powder
Validation test Infrared spectrum *1
Sodium salt qualitative analysis *2
Specification 142-146
Purity test Heavy metal (ppm) Not more than 20
Arsenic (ppm) Not more than 2
Material of affinity *3
Water (%) Not more than 5.0
Assay (%) 99.0-101.5
Advantage particle size (μm) Not more than 4.0

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*1 confirming the wave number near 2950, 2920, 2850, 1720, 1610, 1313, 1186, 980, 665cm-1

*2 When operating flame reaction, confirming the yellow color.

*3 The spot except the main spot obtained from a sample solution and the spot of the origin is not darker than the spot obtained from standard solution.

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