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Take One

Take One, a urinary calculus remover, strongly removes a urinary calculus that causes toilet blockage and gives off an offensive odor. A solid urinary calculus inhibitor prevents a toilet pipe from blocking and offensive odor generation due to the creation of a urinary calculus.

  • Take One

Introduction of products

Clean up stubborn stuffing in a toilet (urinal)!
Our toiletry-related products include Take One, MyCleaner and others.

Product lineup

Take One L, M, and R work as urinary calculus removers.

  • Take One L (liquid): powerful non-medicinal product
  • Take One M (liquid)
  • Take One R (solid)

Also available as urinary calculus inhibitors are Take One C-WF, C-BF, C-AF,BS-96F and 100F.

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