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Met-Plus rumen bypass methionine preparation

Met-Plus (Rumen bypass methionine preparation)

Met-Plus is a feed additive containing bypass processed methionine that tends to be insufficient in dairy cows. The excellent product is bypass processed so that it can go through the first stomach (rumen) and furthermore allows a high rate of absorption in the small intestine. The product was improved in 2017 to enhance the bypass property. Blood transferability of methionine is improved! (Comparison in our company)

  • Met-Plus
  • Met-Plus gragh
Features Amount of supply In 100 g of ingredient Packing
  • High methionine content
  • Economical with a small amount of supply
  • Having high bypass capabilities to protect methionine from rumen microorganisms.
  • 15 to 25 g/day/cow
  • DL-methionine 65 g
  • 25kg bag

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Introduction of products

Aiming at enhancing milk protein synthetic quantity.

Cattle that are unable to ingest fishmeal or others can only take proteins from a plant or rumen microorganisms. As vegetable protein tends to contain a small content ratio of methionine, herbivorous cattle inevitably tend to be deficient in methionine. Dairy cows, in particular, have to synthesize milk protein and the daily cows for high lactation need a larger amount of the synthesized protein. As methionine is not always used only for milk protein in the body, the supply of methionine to the cattle may increase the amount of synthesized protein in the body, which is expected to reduce the burden on cattle, improve reproductive performance and prevent metabolic diseases.

For measures against fat liver.

In a perinatal period, lipoprotein (energy sources for an embryo) is frequently synthesized in the liver for energy supply to an embryo. In the period, body fat tends to be increased by many factors and a fat liver and associated diseases in the perinatal period are of concern to farmers. Methionine is used for the synthesis of lipoprotein to promote discharge of fat accumulated in the liver. Therefore, seek to refresh the liver by methionine in a dry period!

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