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ECV Cyclone large air blowers

ECV Cyclone

A large ventilator used in a cattle shed such as a cowshed. Though a conventional ventilator only applies wind to the cattle, this product not only applies wind but creates wind flow in a wide area to enable ventilation, cooling, drying of floors and others.

  • ECV Cyclone 72 inches
  • ECV Cyclone 55 inches

Cyclone Video introduction

  • AFRS fan
    (exhaust fan)
  • PPFS fan
    (intake air fan)
  • Blast fan
  • AFRS fan (exhaust fan)

A fan that may evacuate air outside from a cattle shed. Various sizes of the product allow a user to install in various places.

  • PPFS fan (intake air fan)

A fan that may bring in outside wind in a cattle shed. Optimum ventilation is possible in combination of an AFRS fan.

  • Blast fan

This allows a user to send strong wind to places where ECV Cyclone is unable to be installed or a narrow range of areas.

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