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Amino acids and vitamins

Amino acid

We handle amino acids necessary for livestock feeds. L-lysine, DL-methionine, L-threonine are essential amino acids that are unable to be in vivo synthesized, and the content of those acids in feeds is small to tend to be lacking. Supply of those materials allows a user to expect improvement of the synthetic efficiency of protein.

Chemical name CAS NO Structural formula Classification
L-lysine 657-27-2 L-lysine For feeds
DL-methionine 59-51-8 DL-methionine For feeds
L-threonine 72-19-5 L-threonine For feeds
L-arginine 74-79-3 L-arginine For feeds

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  • L-lysine
  • DL-methionine


We handle some vitamins necessary for livestock feeds. Those vitamins are vitamin AD3 and vitamin E. Vitamin AD3 is a mixture of one million IU/g of vitamin A and 200,000 IU/g of vitamin D3. We also handle vitamin E at a concentration of 50%.

Chemical name Classification
Vitamin AD3 For feeds
Vitamin E 50% For feeds

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