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Livestock materials

List of Livestock materials products

Induction light

  • Induction light
  • Induction light


  • Three types are available, 150 W, 200 W and 250 W.
  • The rating life is 100,000 hours.
  • The most suitable for photoperiod control.
  • The required number of a unit of light is set for the size of a cattle shed.
  • As light close to sunlight is emitted, it is hard for the pupils of an animal or a human to close, resulting in effective lighting.
  • One unit can light up an area of 36 square metres (6m × 6m).

Pro Cool (Animal drugs)

Pro Cool is a dipping agent developed with the concept, "Skin and mucous membrane friendly" without strongly stimulative iodine used. Less stimulative "benzalkonium chloride" solution is used for sterilization to reduce adhesion, penetration and proliferation of bacteria to nipples. Furthermore, "chitosan" included in the shells of crabs is contained in the drug to provide a soft natural film, which forms by drying after usage. Nipples are smoothed because a humidifier is added in the drug.

  • Pro Cool (Animal drugs)

Super green mat

Light weight and easy maintenance cow bed mats.

  • Super green mat


Size: 183 cm × 116 cm × 2.8 cm

Weight: Approx. 20 kg


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Prevents rumen acidosis, etc., attributable to sanitary conditions
  • Reduces stress on cattle
  • For use in stalls and hoof washing areas
  • It can also be used in trucks for cattle transportation
  • We also offer connected types




  • Large in size, does not tear easily, appropriate for cleaning nipples
  • Soft to touch and does not damage nipples or udders
  • Low alcohol content and friendly to humans and nipples
  • Safe because food additives are only used as sterilizing agents
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